Beauty at the expense of your Health?

The unaccomplished weight loss goal for 2015 plus the festivities left tell tale signs on your waist line.  2016 is here, you are already thinking about the ideal body you want. You are willing to try anything and everything to get there. Are you going for beauty at the expense of your health? I get asked this all the time.

Should it be exercise? at home or at the gym? or should it be dieting, weight loss and / or contouring treatments at your spa/salon? To get a solution that would best suit you, you would need to look at a couple of things. A combination of all above would be great way of getting your ideal body.

While an ideal beautiful body will be great, one needs to look at their health first. A healthy body is easier to work on. Exercise will keep you healthy but the right exercise will give you the ideal body.

Going for an assessment so that an exercise program can be drawn for you will be a good start. The program should not be restricted to the gym, it needs to be adjustable to work for you at different stages you will be at. i.e your weight loss exercise regime should be different from your maintenance regime.

When it comes to dieting, this is the most important part of the weight loss and /or contouring  goals. Exercise and the beauty treatments without eating right will not get you far. I prefer a sustainable eating plan, that you would be able to maintain even if you had to do it for the rest of your life. Balance is key. Starting with a detox jump starts the system and well prepares it to reap the benefit of the clean eating plan. What plan would that be? Consult with your health care therapist, nutritionist dietitian or even your trainer.

The beauty treatment options available are as many as the exercise and dieting options out there. We could perhaps at a later stage look at some of those options in details. Most important thing to look out for is that you are not contraindicated for them. A proper consultation is paramount to establish your medical history.

Remember for an ideal body, a combination of the right exercise, dieting and treatments will work, there is no miracle cure. As a rule of thump, go for treatments  that combines detox, fat burning and toning which i will share in my next blog.

So my dear reader, as you embark on your idea body journey, dont compromise your health.

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